Are you a waste hauler or do you work for any particular waste hauling company?
No. We are not a hauler nor do we own an interest in any hauling companies or landfills, nor do we stand for profit by directing hauling or recycling business to any particular company. This is an important fact because true independent advice can only come from companies unencumbered by such relationships.

Why do we need the services of Saving on Waste?
We find that 90 % of the companies that we work with are overspending on waste and recycles every day. Most businesses believe they have no choice other than to rely on the services and equipment originally recommended by their hauler. This is not the case because waste companies’ representatives are highly trained to oversell and over-service customer accounts. Additionally, we often see billing errors and mistakes on invoices. Think about this: What is the driving force behind waste disposal company to take the time required to evaluate your company’s individual needs and make your waste disposal as efficient and cost effective as possible, especially when their services are already in place.

How much are your consulting services going to cost?
We will get paid according to our results and will not charge any upfront fees for our services. We simply share in any savings we uncover for your company. Our fees will come from your existing waste budget once our program is implemented and the savings are realized. If we are unable to find any savings, there would be no fees. It is a risk free scenario for you.

What kind of results / savings can I expect?
We will reduce on average your trash and recycles monthly invoices by 30 to 50 %, with a guarantee savings of 10 %.

How does the 10 % guarantee savings work ?
This means that after we finish the analysis on your account, if our recommendations / changes are not going to save you at least 10 % from what you are currently paying on trash and recycles, it is your option to continue with the contract or to walk away from it with no penalty whatsoever.

How long will it take for us to realize the savings you offer?
For every client we offer a detailed audit and analysis according to their locations and needs, but typically our whole process (see STEPS) takes between 90 and 120 days overall.

How will my employees be involved ?
After we receive the necessary paperwork from you we will do all the work. We know you are busy, so we are here to “take things off your plate” and not add to your task list. We will perform our site analysis without affecting your day to day operation and without distracting your employees from their tasks.

Will I have to switch waste hauler(s) ?
Usually this will not be the case. We will initially try to work with your existing vendors; however, after our audit and analysis, when we present recommendations to you we may suggest changes for your approval if they will save you money.

How do your services affect the relationship with my current vendors?
Hiring us will result in an improved and more respected relationship with your vendor(s) because Saving on Waste along with the network of over 500 Affiliates of EWS in The US give millions in business annually to waste haulers. They respect our effort to cut our clients costs and in return will give a much better service in order to be considered for additional accounts.

What if my company has multiple locations?
This is not a problem. In fact, most of our clients have multiple locations either locally or nationally and with the support we get from other affiliates we are able to cover all of The U.S. and Canada.

What is a franchised City?
As it relates to solid waste disposal, the term “franchise” means that a municipality or county contracts all waste hauling services to one individual company, for example Republic Services or Waste Management. All businesses located in these areas must use the specific waste hauler and have no other choice. The municipality and hauler establish uniform pricing for all customers based on container type, size and frequency of pick-up.

Will your services still apply for a franchised City?
Yes. Even with uniform pricing for all customers with the franchised hauler and having no option to change vendors, Saving on Waste will still perform the same proprietary audit and detailed analysis at each location in order to uncover inefficiencies and excess spending and bring along savings. You no longer have to rely only on the advice of your franchised waste disposal representatives who are highly trained to oversell and over-service accounts, especially in markets where they have no competition.

How do franchise providers take advantage of this monopoly-like situation?
By being the only ones allowed to service waste and recycle accounts in the franchised area, haulers often have higher prices than the ones offered in open market areas (where any hauler can offer the service). Allow Saving on Waste, an industry expert that has the knowledge of the latest technologies, transportation systems, container alternatives and disposal alternatives reduce your waste and recycling expenses.